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Random Ramsdom, 7/20: Closing Time


Closing time for the CBA deal that is, but that song rocks!  As you know the players are most likely going to vote on the new CBA and the owners tomorrow.  It's looking like this lockout is almost over!  Let's get to the links.

Antitrust case still needs to be resolved

ESPN is reporting that all the earlier talk about some players demanding individual deals before they settle the case were false.  The players have too.  The players aren't that selfish.  No one would hold out on having football return.  One thing to remember is that Reggie White got a lifetime exemption for the franchise tag, so that's were the speculation of the plaintiffs wanting the same came from.  This deal will get done and these guys will sign off on it.

Ex-Players suing the NFL over concussions

According to ESPN, 75 former NFL players are suing the NFL over the fact that they withheld information about concussions from the players.  I personally think it's the player's duty, not their employer's, to educate themselves about the effects of concussions and how to prevent them.  I don't think the NFL is at fault here.  People need to take responsibility for their own actions every now and then.  Now if the NFL lied to them about concussions that a different thing entirely.  

Raven's Coach Harbaugh still pissed about the messed up trade with the Bears is reporting that Harbaugh still is very angry about the Bears not calling in the trade they agreed to in the 1st round of the draft this year.  He claims that after they agreed to deal first round picks and the Bear's 4th, the Bears called Gabe Carimi and realized that the Chiefs didn't call him.  They than realized they didn't need to trade up and Carimi would fall to them as he did.  Harbaugh said that they then just stalled and told the Ravens called the trade in when they did not.  It's very fishy what Chicago did and I'm still pissed that the league didn't go ahead and give the Ravens the Bear's fourth rounder.

NFL Network's breakout teams

Torry Holt, Kurt Warner, and Michael Lombardi all made thier picks for a team that will not only make the playoffs, but a playoff run after missing them last year.  One pick the Rams, and obviously it's not either of the two ex-Rams, because all former Rams turned analyst hate the Rams now.  Lombardi pick us mostly because we play in such a weak division.  Kurt does mention that he thinks Bradford will be a star, but come on guys!  One of the ex-GSOT players needs to start being a homer.  This is almost as bad as when the guys on Rams Weekly on Fox never pick the Rams.

Have a good one Rams' Fans!