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Rams also offering $250 season tickets

The Miami Dolphins made headlines this week when they offered a season ticket package for the low, low price of $250. That's $25 per game. Sure, those were nosebleed seats, but that's still a pretty good deal for a season ticket package in the NFL. The Dolphins sold out of the $250 season However, Miami isn't the only team offering cut rate season tickets, the St. Louis Rams are also offering $250 season tickets.

Years of bad football turned off fans in St. Louis. Throw a lockout on top of that, and the Rams need to do what they can to bring back fans. Offering season tickets at that rate is an awfully good move. It's especially good considering the quality of the team you'll see on the field at the Edward Jones Dome this year. The Sam Bradford-led 2011 Rams will be nothing like the exciting team you were lucky enough to see in 2009. Add to that a solid home schedule that includes games like Philly, Baltimore, and New Orleans and you're really going to get your money's worth on the cut rate season tickets.

Along with the Dolphins and Cardinals, the Rams are one of three teams to offer season tickets at that price. The 49ers, Vikings and Raiders all offer season tickets for less than $300 a season. All teams that could use some fan goodwill, and three-quarters of the NFC West, the mark of quality!