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Back Up RB Rumors - Reggie Bush?

With the Rams loading up on receiving firepower for Sam Bradford in the draft, that still left several voids on a Ram team that appears to be ready to take another step forward.

You can't really discredit the Rams because with all of the holes apparent, it would be impossible to fill them all with the draft alone.

One of the biggest needs that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later is backup RB. Steven Jackson needs some of the load taken off or his remaining years could be shortened.

Low and behold, yet another Rumor. The Who Dat Dish earlier this week claimed that Bush to the Rams is heating up. After the Saints signed Pierre Thomas, and drafted Ingram, Bush even tweeted goodbye to the Saints. Here's another piece in more detail.

With all that firepower in New Orleans, Bush seems like the odd man out.

Rumor has it (if anything happens) the Rams would get Bush plus a late round pick and give the Saints either a second or third round pick (assuming next years draft).

Would Bush be a good fit in St. Louis?

I know one thing, he can also catch the ball, and would certainly give a nice change up to Steven Jackson, one teams would have to respect.

Don't get too excited though if you're on the Bush train, other teams have also expressed interest: Dolphins, Steelers, Giants, Seahawks and Eagles.

I don't see the Giants interested unless they lose Bradshaw, and the Eagles already have a ton of firepower at the position. The Steelers? They typically don't build a team like this. That leaves the Phins, and Seahawks.

Let's see how it all plays out (hopefully all the lockout fiasco ends soon).