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Late night lockout talk...and caption fun!

Another day of work, negotiations, talk, legal wrangling...whatever you want to call it, another day of it is in the books. There was no deal ending the lockout, but it's close enough to winnow down the speculation of when this week both players and owners will be voting on a new collective bargaining agreement that will keep labor peace for another decade...maybe.

Having resolved the retired players' Legacy Fund, a billion dollar kitty for retired players past and future paid for by a near 50-50 split between owners and players, attention next turns to the players' demands for $320 million in lost benefits from the uncapped season last year and a handful of other details. Votes are expected Thursday...this Thursday. It looks more and more like camps will start on July 28, the same time as free agency opens. Will that impact the St. Louis Rams and the Hall of Fame Game? Wait and see.

And now something a little less weighty. Captions.

There it is, the head coach and his new offensive coordinator. I wonder what they could be saying to each other?