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Turf Show Radio (July 16th) open thread


  On today's episode of Turf Show Radio (which kicks off in an hour and 15 minutes), Van and I will be joined by Evan Silva, from Pro Football Talk and Rotoworld.  I'll keep an eye on this thread and Van will try to keep up with the Turf Show Times Twitter feed during the show, but the best way to get at us is to call in.

  To hit us on the show, just call (724) 444-7444.  When the automated voice from the great technobeyond asks you for the show ID, it's 97249.  And yes, the confusing part is "user ID."  If you don't have a TalkShoe account, all you have to do is enter '1#', and you'll show up on the switchboard.  I try to make sure we get every caller in, so if it's a packed show today, we may not be able to run the 6-questions conversations we've had historically.  TST gets bigger every month, and with great popularity comes great something or other.

  So hit us up.  Between me, Van and special guest Evan Silva, we've got fantasy, free agency, statisical analysis and future NFL drafts covered.  Holler at us.

Saturday night update

  Today's show has been uploaded: