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Looking West: Its time for the 1st round of the 2009 draft to produce.

This is a new series that I plan on writing every now and then. I plan on looking at all the teams in the NFC West and coming up with posts like this. Sometimes I will have a poll.  If I don't have a poll, I'd love you to voice your opinion in the comments. 

Well anyway. lets get to business. By now, everyone knows the saying that a player needs three years to value their worth. These players figured to play a bigger role on their team by now. The potential is out there for these four players; the question is will they reach it. So after the jump lets look at these four players.

Jason Smith pick 2 by the Rams

Smith was drafted to be the successor to Orlando Pace, and become the Rams franchise left tackle. He ended up getting a concussion during his rookie season, which ended his rookie campaign. It looks like he will never get a chance to become the Rams next great left tackle, now that Rodger Saffold has the spot.

Now that he is a right tackle, he seems like a good project that has a good chance of being a good player. Well based on last year, he had his up and downs, but that's to be expected of a young player changing positions. The thing is Smith could end up the best RT in the league, but could be considered a failure when looking at where he was drafted, and the expectations the Rams had for him. However, compared to some players drafted in the first round of 2009, at least Smith started the whole season last year.

NFL DRAFT 2009-ST. Louis Rams-Jason Smith (via nfldraft2009)

Check Smith's scouting report here. 


Aaron Curry pick 4 by the Seahawks

Before Curry was drafted, the talking heads (scouts) were talking about how Curry was the safest player in the draft. There were even a few people who had Curry going to the Rams. Well so far those people have been wrong. Curry just hasn't shown any play-making ability since he was drafted by the Seahawks. There still is hope for Curry this might be his breakout year. He has been a solid player, nothing spectacular which is what you would want from a linebacker drafted 4th overall. 


Curry's scouting report.


Aaron Curry Discusses Draft Day (via NFLPLAYERS)

Michael Crabtree pick 10 by the 49ers

When Crabtree was drafted by the 49ers, it was said that he was the biggest playmaker in the draft. He proved that he was a good player his rookie year with 48 catches, 648 yards, and 2 touchdowns. Last year he followed it up with a solid year. A lot of people are hard on Crabtree, but he has done well so far catching passes from Alex Smith.

This season there are a lot of variables that could keep Crabtree from performing well. A new offensive system and maybe a rookie QB could slowdown Crabtree's production. Also you have that diva tag following him around and he aggravated a foot injury he had before the the draft. It will be interesting to see how he performs this year.

Crabtree's scouting report.

NFL Draft 2009 (10th Pick) - San Fransisco 49ers Select Wide Reciever Michael Crabtree (via number1ersanfan)


Beanie Wells pick 29 by the Cardinals

Wells was brought to the Cardinals to give them power running to go with their good passing game. He did just that his rookie year rushing for almost 800 yards and getting into the end zone seven times. Sounds like a great rookie year to me, but then Wells had a horrible season last year running for only 400 yards and 60 less carries than the previous year. It would be easy to say this was just a sophomore slump and this season could be a great year for him. However, if the Cardinals thought that, they wouldn't have drafted Ryan Williams in the 2nd round. They could keep Wells, but why bring another power back onto the team when they already have a young one?

Beanie Wells scouting report

With the 31st Pick in the 2009 NFL draft.... (via sundevilscott)

So basically, while the jury is still out for these players. Anyone of these players could show up next season and become the dominant player they were drafted to be. They all have a hill to climb to get there. Maybe it will take four years for them to finally get there.  All I know is these players need to improve this season to justify their draft position.

The whole draft

NFL Draft 2009 (via dcgc34)

NFL DRAFT 2009 - Picks 16-23 (via TheChiefsDude)


NFL DRAFT 2009 - Picks 24-32 (via TheChiefsDude)