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Random Ramsdom, 7/15: Lockout's almost over (fingers crossed)

Great progress was made in the labor talks yesterday.  They are closer to a deal now than ever, but until a deal is done, it's not close enough.  The question remains if they can still get a deal done in time to save the HOF game.  All we can do is hope the two sides can continue to ride the momentum and finally agree to a deal sometime soon.

On to the links

James Harrison apologizes for some of his remarks

In a statement responding to his comments he made in Men's Journal Harrison said he is sorry he came off as saying it was Ben Rothlisberger's fault they lost the Super Bowl.  He regrets using an anti-gay slur referring to Goodell.  He didn't apologize to Goodell for calling him a "devil" and a "crook".  Also he said he wasn't promoting gun violence by posing with guns in the picture from the magazine.  He says he has a passion for guns.  He likes to go to the range and hunt.  Overalll Harrison still owes the commish a apology for saying what he said about Goodell behind his back.  It was cowardly and wrong.

Randy Moss to be "Old" Randy Moss again

Accoring to Jason La Canfora of, Moss' agent said that Randy is in great shape and he is ready to be a difference maker again.  He also said Moss has a chip on his shoulder and he is very motivated.  I still think it's too big of a risk to sign a guy who's been know to give up on his team.


Metrodome has a new roof

 According to Yahoo sports, the Metrodome has a new roof.  It's still the same material that was in place when it collapsed, but it now sits lower to help protect it better from winds and help stop snow from piling up.  I still think it's the ugliest roof in the world.  If the VIkings have it their way this will be the last year in the Metrodome as their lease runs out after this season.

LA stadium momentum slows down

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the city council put the brakes on the deal.  They are wanting more time to see if the $300 million in tax money the stadium would need is worth the investment.  Some are saying that the economic benefit isn't worth the $300 million.  Now their is a meeting on July 29th where the city council will vote on the proposal.  AEG has threatened to rescind it's proposal if the council doesn't approve the deal before August.

Have a good one and GO RAMS!!