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OG or backup RB?

One of the major things the Rams must improve on offense next year is the running game. As a team the Rams ranked 25th in rushing YPG. The way I see it there are two ways we can go after this, get a beast run-blocking RG or get a change of pace backup to help spell Steven Jackson so he will be fresher later in games. In all likelihood only one of these spots will be addressed by the Rams so today I wanted to look at the pros of each and pick the one I want the Rams to go after. More after the jump.


It would tremendously help our run blocking to get a new RG. Adam Goldberg was totally ineffective as a run blocker last year, and at times we couldn't run the ball up the middle because of his poor blocking. More second level run opportunities would be available and Steven Jackson is a scary, scary back when he gets to the second level. With a better run blocking line, the Rams could close games out with the run game more often. Also they would be able to wear out the opposing defense with added physicality. A possibly guy to fill this role would be Harvey Dahl from the Falcons, but that contract would be rather expensive. A more cost effective option would be Davin Joseph from Tampa Bay. Although bucsnation says he will be back with their team.


A change of pace back has been wanted by Rams fans everywhere for years now. Most people think that SJax is slowing down a bit and in order to prolong his career the Rams need to get someone to help carry the load. If we got a backup RB we could get some more explosive plays, both from the new RB and SJax since he will have fresher legs. I don't know how much it would help though if our run blocking doesn't improve, but as people as pointed out we have John Greco. Greco when he played last year provided some good run blocking and as it stands now he is the likely staring RG. Some expensive options that would help a lot would be DeAngelo Williams, Darren Sproles and Ahmad Bradshaw. Cheeper options would be Jason Snelling and Tim Hightower.

Now I'm more on the side of OG because I don't really believe in Greco as others do. I'm thinking if he was such a good guard, then why the hell was he behind Goldberg on the depth chart the whole year? If he was better it would have shown up in practice and he would have at least been given a start. Also I'm thinking we could drafted a RB in next year's draft. Prospects that I like are Trent Richardson from Alabama and LaMichael James from Oregon.