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Todd Haley thinks Josh McDaniels cheated him out of win

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Kansas City Chiefs punter Dustin Colquitt told a Denver sports talk radio station today that Chiefs head coach Todd Haley thought then Denver Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels was cheating. According to Colquitt, that motivated Haley's famous finger pointing incident after the Chiefs' loss to the Broncos in week 10 last year. Two weeks later, the St. Louis Rams beat the Broncos, a week later, after a loss to the Chiefs, McDaniels was fired. 

Haley believed that the 49-29 loss at the hands of McDaniels' Donkeys was impossible. The Kansas City head coach felt like McDaniels knew his game plan ahead of time, based on how things unfolded on the field that week. 

Given McDaniels' history with SpyGate, Haley could have easily jumped to that conclusion. Plus, you never know how the rumor mill works around the league. The Denver Post hadn't yet broken the Broncos' videotaping scandal yet, which involved taping a walkthrough of the 49ers before their London game. 

Looking back at the box score, Denver, playing at home, did jump out to a 21 point lead over the Chiefs by the end of the first quarter. They also used Tim Tebow for a rushing and receiving touchdown to go with Kyle Orton's 4 TD passes. They also scored a TD on a fumble return in the second quarter. McDaniels also had plenty of familiarity with KC's quarterback, Matt Cassel

Who knows what happened. I'm not a huge fan of Todd Haley, but McDaniels' history with the video camera would have been hard to dismiss. And, things change on a weekly basis in the NFL. 

McDaniels landed in the perfect spot to rehabilitate his image, answering to straight arrow Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo. Oh, and he also has a pretty talented QB to work with in Sam Bradford