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Turf Show Radio returns Saturday, 6pm ET


  We're almost back on the map as a country, our beloved sportchild returned from the wilderness.  In anticipation of all the chaos that will ensure, Van and I are jumping back on the internairwaves for some Turf Show Radio, this Saturday at 6pm ET.

  We'll talk about free agency, heightened expectations, discuss our ongoing tape review of the season, and who knows what else.  As always, the direction of the show is up to you.  You can call in at (724) 444-7444 by entering the show ID, 97249.  And for those who are new to TST or TSR, when prompted for your user ID, just hit 1#.

  And let's be honest.  Van and I can get a little wacky once the show goes live.  Add to our lunacy the lack of concrete football news since the draft - there's a good chance we'll go off the hinges.  Honestly, all I remember about the sport of football are the rap songs:

  So yeah, hit us up on the show.  Unless you want Van to drop some smooth 80's beatboxing under my old school flow.  It's the sport of kings...better than diamond rings...FOOTBALL!