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Random Ramsdom, 7/13: No More HOF Game?


As the NFL nears a deal which is rumored to be completed July 21, the possibility of the HOF game being canceled becomes very high.  The question is, is it that big of a deal for the Rams?  It's just an extra pre-season game, but on the other hand it's a chance for the team to honor  HOF inductees Marshall Faulk and Les Richter.  I'm on board for just canceling the game if the deal can't be done in time, but I would hate to see the players inducted not get the "full" experience of the induction.

On to the links

Don't cancel the HOF game for Faulk's sake

Bryan Burwell of argue that the NFL shouldn't cancel the HOF game.  He would hate to see the first member of the GSOT get shortchanged of the experience he rightly deserves.  He thinks it's too important for the inductees to just be throw away by the owners as another pre-season game.  I agree with him, but unless the Rams can start camp on or around July 22, I don't think the Rams should play the game.

Rams training camp will stay at home

The Rams announced that they will hold camp at Russel Training Center again this year.  The lockout forced them to stay at home rather than Carbondale, IL or Rolla, MO.  Spags was really a proponent of getting the team away from home this year for camp.  Now though I'm happy because I don't have to drive as far to go to training camp!

Redskins to go crazy in FA again

When will they ever learn?  Teams aren't built through FA.  How many bad deals must they give out and bad season they must endure to learn this?  They have already overpaid for OJ Atowge.  They are rumored to be going after Santonio Holmes, Kris and Cullen Jenkins, and Marshal Yanda.  They also have to been linked to Vince Young.  More reckless spending, that will probably get few results.   All I can say is I'd hate to be a Redskins fan right now.

40 most intimidating players in NFL history

On they made a slideshow of the 40 most intimidating players in NFL history.  Deacon Jones, Jack Youngblood, and Kevin Greene are the former Rams who made the list.  Shockingly Jerry Rice was in their top 5.  A WR is intimating?  Really?  Yes people may not want to be embarrassed by his skill, but I don't think anyone was scared of his physicality.  Also how is Dick Butkus not #1.  The best hitter in NFL history and the guy I would be most scared of didn't even make the top 5?  Also Ronnie Lott didn't even make the list, but is mentioned as an obvious omission.  Overall it's a very good read and I highly recommend it.