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Caleb King joins the ranks of running backs seeking a shot at the NFL

Georgia, er, former Georgia, running back Caleb King will join Terrelle Pryor in the NFL supplemental draft this year...whenever that event finally does happen. King was ruled academically ineligible last week, ending his senior season before it starts. We're required by royal mandate to give due diligence to all available running backs given the St. Louis Rams glaring need for a backup to pair with Steven Jackson

Don't get too excited, one national scouting service, BLESTO, slapped him with a six-round grade. National Scouting categorizes him as an undrafted free agent. That last group is probably where he'll end up, among other names like Noel Devine, Derrick Locke, Graig Cooper and Mario Fannin. Many would tell you that King isn't even the most talented of the available undrafted free agents. 

King measures 5'11" 215 lbs and runs a forty in the 4.56 to 4.6 range. Lost opportunities mark his career at Georgia, where he failed to catch on as the starter in three seasons of play. His playing time decreased every year, and King was suspended twice for off-field incidents. The raw talent might there, but the character concerns will outweigh those for teams. King probably should have transfered to a smaller school and established himself this year, rather than head for the NFL. 

With so many other running backs available, including better prospects, King will go undrafted in the supplemental draft. However, with teams likely to be allowed 90-man rosters for training camp, he'll get a chance somewhere.