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Random Ramsdom, 7/12: Game game day

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The latest St. Louis Rams headinlines.
The latest St. Louis Rams headinlines.

The NFL lockout, training camp relocation, the 2012 NFL Draft...none of these matter much to a lot of people today, not on the day that NCAA Football 12 comes out. I hope our gamers will take a screen break to check in with us today at least, screen to screen. Here's your early morning St. Louis Rams reading list. Have at it.


2010 Offensive Line Rankings - Part 1
Pro Football Focus ranks the offensive lines from 2010. The Rams come in at #26, after ranking at #19 last year. Thinking about the difference between 2009 and 2010, the one thing that stands out is guard, having Incognito in there last year. But injuries made that a terrible unit down the stretch in '09. PFF is down on the Rams tackles, which I don't understand. Saffold played well for a rookie, not perfect, but the kind of play that makes it apparent that he'll blossom into a solid OT. The knock on Jason Smith is his consistency, which is hard to argue with, but something that should improve this year.

Rams to Stay at Home for Training Camp

As you've heard by now, the St. Louis Rams have opted to stay home for training camp, practicing at the Russell Training Center rather than go on the road to one of two locations they were considering in Rolla, MO, or Carbondale, IL. It's a lockout casualty. The dates for camp are still pending, held up by the resolution of the NFL labor negotiations.

NFL settlement talks continue today

It's the lawyers working today, with the big names sitting on the bench until tomorrow. That could be a god or bad thing, but it seems like whenever the lawyers meet the leaks tell the press that it was a "difficult" day. Surprise. Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith join them tomorrow. The same issues are still a dividing line: rookie salary structure, retired players and unrestricted free agency.

Mad scramble to sign draft picks

The NFL lockout has wiped out a lot of offseason work, so signing draft picks figures to be a rush job after team owners and players settle their labor dispute. One new provision that might be included in the CBA is a deadline for draft picks to sign.

Inside NCAA Football 12 out today

If you're not reading this, I know why. EA Sports released NCAA Football 12 today, the biggest sports game on the market other than Madden 12. 

(extra link from 3k)

Mike Sando covers for Matt Williamson excluding Steven Jackson from ESPN's top 15 NFC West players

Van opened up the can of worms on Saturday, and TSTers were none too happy that AxJax wasn't included.  If anything, I give credit to Williamson for sticking to his opinion knowing he was going to get pounded for it.  And yes, he was wrong.