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Which players will Josh McDaniels bring to the Rams?

With the lockout looking like it's about to end soon, or sometime before August, the St. Louis Rams have to keep their eyes open on every situation in the league to improve their team. They have a pretty young team on offense, which basically means we have players with untapped potential. I'm guessing the Rams probably won't see them making big moves on offense. Now this doesn't mean that the players the Rams have on offense will end up incredible next season, but we have young players with potential, and, with this lockout, we might be unwilling to get a WR who doesn't know the system.

With all this being said, many people have been missing the most important point when talking about the Rams adding players on offense: this is McDaniels' offense, not Spags'. Of course, Spags and Billy D will more than likely have the last say on players added. The options below won't be the most likely won't make you jump for joy, but should be good role players.

Denver Broncos

I'm sure the Broncos won't miss Josh McDaniels, but he did bring a pretty good offense into Denver. Many of the players brought in weren't household names, but they got the job done. 

Keep an eye on the Bronco running back situation

Last time I checked, the Broncos had seven running backs on their roster. Now there are a few players who played running back for the Broncos that could be a good backup for Steven Jackson. The players are Lance Bell, Correll Buckhalter and LenDale White. There is a good chance that Bell and Buckhalter will stay on the team.  White could end up cut from the Broncos team, and while I'm sure most people won't run to buy his jersey, he could be a average/good short yardage back. The running back I'm the most curious about is Laurence Maroney. He had a horrible year last year dealing with injuries and a crowded backfield, but McDaniels did trade for him last season and he will be a free agent this year. Sounds like a good cheap option.

The one year player

Brandon Lloyd had an amazing year last season, but it still was only one year. The truth is Lloyd could regress next season without McDaniels' system. I wouldn't be surprised if the Rams trade for him before the deadline or try to bring him in as a FA in 2012. Of course, this all depends on what happens with the Rams' wide receivers next season.

New England Patriots

Josh spent a few years in New England learning from Bill Belichick, so I wouldn't be surprised if the Rams look to get a player or two from this team. However, there really aren't many players I could see that give the Rams what they don't already have.

The Kevin Faulk effect

At first, I thought the Patriots would let go of one of their RB's since they have 4 on their roster right now.  I've been hearing that isn't the case. However, if Danny Woodhead or BenJarvus Green-Ellis is cut, I'm sure the Rams would consider them. Faulk, though, is a free agent this year, and I don't think he will be a Patriot. He isn't a great player, but he is a real solid pass option and 3rd down back.

Just pay the man.

Logan Mankins would be a great addition to the Rams. Mankin and the Patriots haven't settled on a contract yet, and this year will be his second time being franchise tagged in a row. Will the Rams be willing to trade a high pick and sign him a lot of money? The Rams need a good guard, but how much are they willing to give up to acquire one is the question.

The traveler 

This next player played for three teams last season, and didn't have a good year with either one of them. Randy Moss is a household name, but last year did not help his case at all, unless not blocking or playing hard is what excite teams nowadays. It's possible that Moss won't get that many teams looking at him, and if McDaniels doesn't like the Rams current wide receivers, why not bring Moss over? Is it a long shot? Sure, but this is the NFL.

Anything can happen.