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Sproles, Slaton on the Rams short list for backup running backs

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The St. Louis Rams could make another run at Darren Sproles once free agency begins.
The St. Louis Rams could make another run at Darren Sproles once free agency begins.

Darren Sproles continues to be high on the St. Louis Rams' list for potential backup and complementary running backs behind Steven Jackson. Another possibility mentioned recently is Texans RB Steve Slaton

The Rams had a very brief courtship with Darren Sproles last year, scheduling him for a free agent visit. Sproles never got his free trip to St. Louis; San Diego signed him to a one-year RFA offer, a year after using the franchise tag to keep him. One insider told Pro Football Weekly that Sproles remains the favorite to join Jackson in the backfield.

He has the name recognition and added value on special teams. 

Name recognition? Obviously, given the list of candidates, the Rams are looking for a proven commodity to join the rotation. Given all the questions surrounding Jackson, who has touched the ball 750 times in the last two years, they can't really afford to take many chances. 

This isn't the first time during the lockout that Sproles has been linked to the St. Louis Rams. 

Steve Slaton is another brand name, albeit a brand looking to recapture some of his past identity, being mentioned in connection with the Rams. Slaton, under contract this year, could be had for a late-round pick. Looking to rebound from injuries and some fumblitis following his impressive rookie season in 2008, a second chance in a new home, and fewer touches, could be exactly what Slaton needs.