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Combing through the free agent bargain bin

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Pro Football Focus has a look at some potential free agent bargains. None of these guys will earn the pricey contracts and the headlines that make free agency the spectacle that it is, but each of them are capable of contributing. Which of these players might be of interest to the St. Louis Rams once free agency opens later this month?

A few names from the PFF list:

Jason Spitz, C/G, Green Bay - Supposedly, the Rams kept Hank Fraley active over John Greco last year because they needed a backup center on the game day roster (which makes you wonder about Jason Brown, since his play was definitely down last year). Spitz plays all three interior spots. Would he be an upgrade over Fraley or one of the undrafted rookies? 

Nick Roach, LB, Chicago - In all likelihood the Bears will bring him back in 2011. Roach is quick, and plays special teams as well. 

Brandon Jackson, RB, Green Bay - How Green Bay's backfield actually shakes out is anyone's guess, but they did draft Alex Green in the third round to go with Ryan Grant and James Starks. Jackson ran 190 times last year for 703 yards and 3 TDs. His 3.7 YPC wasn't great, but he would be an upgrade for the Rams behind Steven Jackson. More importantly, he can catch the ball - 43 receptions last year - and contribute as a pass blocker. 

Omar Gaither, LB, Philadelphia - Heads up on the Spagnuolo connection. Gaither has been with the Eagles since 2006, Spagnuolo's last year with the team. Gaither can play all three linebacker spots, and might best fit on the weakside with his speed.

Again, with any of these players one of the biggest questions the Rams have to ask is whether or not it truly represents an upgrade over who they currently have on the roster, especially with some young guys not quite at their full potential. Remember, the Rams can't sign the best and most expensive free agent for every position of need...just to trying to get an early start on nipping some of the inevitable free agency grousing in the bud now.