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Ramdom Ramsdom, 7/1: End the lockout before I explode

Well bad news on the lockout front.  Yesterday was a bad day for the negotiations.  Hopefully they can get back on track, but I still have my doubts.  I can't even think about it anymore, but I have to because most links I can find that are any good are about them.

Rookies in need of $ has a story about the group of players most hurt by the lockout, the rookies.  Some are doing odd jobs to just pay the bills right now.  They need money soon.   Have you seen the suits and jewelry they wear to the draft?

Aqib Talib won't go on trial until next year

Pat Yasinskas form ESPN is reporting that Talib won't stand trial until 2012 for his assault with a deadly weapon charge.  He allegedly shot at his sister's boyfriend.  I thought the Bucs would have released him, but it goes to show if you can play football at a pro-bowl level, you can do almost anything and get away with it.

T.O. accused of not paying child support is reporting that Terrell Owens has been accused of failing to pay child support.  The mother of his child filed paper in court seeking to hold him in contempt.  You make millions of dollars.  Pay your damn child support you bum!

Now there's an NBA lockout

The NBA has now chosen to lockout their players.  They have different issues, but a common theme is the players are making too much money.  The NBA meanwhile can prove that they aren't making money,  22 of 30 teams are reported by ESPN to be losing money.  This seems to be one with even worse issues than the NFL's.  I think they will miss games for sure and maybe a the season.  It's not looking to bright for the NFL right now, but at least we're not the NBA.


(Extra following links from 3k)

Mark Clayton looking to return to Rams pushed out their story on Clayton a bit behind the curve, but amid the lockout talks I think forgiveness is in order.  And in case you're reading this Mark, it's probably not the wisest idea to throw a photo of your new driver's license on Twitter. Just saying.

Dallas Cowboys website previews Rams-Cowboys game in Week 7

From the Cowboys' official team site, this preview makes me want the lockout to end yesterday.  Last week.  Whenever, just get it done.  Being from Dallas, my phone/e-mail/everything blows up leading to these matchups.  *Bart Scott voice*  CAN'T WAIT!