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How do the St. Louis Rams stack up in fantasy football?

At this point, with the lockout ongoing, all football is fantasy. Nevertheless, that hasn't stopped the NFL and others from trickling out their fantasy football games for the few fans who haven't been turned off the by financial standoff. Rant out of the way, I thought it might be useful and interesting to take a look at how fantasy footballers are valuing the St. Louis Rams, based on average draft position. 

As you might expect, players from the Rams are hard to find in the early rounds. With an offensive dominated by so many young players, it's hard to find much certainty, a commodity valued above all else in fantasy football. It also means there might be some real steals to be had among the Rams. After the jump, a look at the average draft positions of Rams players and a few thoughts that might or might not sink your fantasy hopes. 

RB Steven Jackson; ADP 2.08 - Remember when SJ was a sure fire first rounder? Injury risk is an obvious consideration here, but don't forget that he might not see as many carries in McDaniels' offense. 

WR Danny Amendola; ADP 11.11 - He's a sure bet for a heaping helping of catches. Can he turn them into yards and TDs, i.e. fantasy points?

WR Danario Alexander; ADP 12.04 - Like we've talked about all day, if he can get anywhere close to his ceiling he could be a very valuable commodity for the Rams, and a decent add on your fantasy team. Might be the biggest potential steal of the bunch.

QB Sam Bradford; ADP 12.08 - This is the real sleeper pick. He has more targets at his disposal this year, and if that translates to another TD per game, he'll get plenty of points in a pass-first offense. Hell, look at the yards he piled up as a rookie in the Rams short-field offense with no receivers around him. 

WR Mark Clayton; ADP 12.09 - Clayton isn't even under contract yet. Can he recapture the magic he and Sam had last year?

That's it for the Rams on this list from Fantasy Football Calculator. Don't forget about the tight ends though. McDaniels is committing the team to a 2-TE offense like his old boss ran last year. If this version looks anything like that one, then Michael Hoomanawanui could be a fantasy steal, with Lance Kendricks a decent pick up.