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Random Ramsdom, 6/9: Keep talking

St. Louis Rams and NFL news and headlines.
St. Louis Rams and NFL news and headlines.

Howdy little partners! Players from the St. Louis Rams are in Arizona today for another short series of unofficial OTAs. They'll be studying film, running routes and trying to install a new offense as best they can without the coaches over the next four days. 

Before we jump into the links, a programming note. 3k and I have been hammering out the details to a pretty extensive look back at the 2010 season. We had initially planned to start it a little earlier, but it's a pretty thorough review of the lessons learned by young team and relatively new coaches trying to resurrect a franchise from mostly ashes. Not a story to be told haphazardly. It also demands a consistent schedule, which has been the other consideration for us on the editorial side. It's too big to do everyday, but space it out too far and it all falls apart as far as narrative goes. Nevertheless, our tiny little brains settled on a schedule. We're rolling it out next Tuesday, followed by featured pieces through Thursday of that week, and then settling into a Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday schedule. Should be a good, non-brown acid style trip back through time...or it could be a total piece of shit, in which case you'll let us know. 

Onto the links...

Owners-players continue to talk
NFL owners and players continued the settlement talks that have everyone feeling so damn positive lately for two days in New York. Both sides, and Judge Boylan, took a break in the action yesterday, and will resume shortly.

Rams lend helping hands
Coaches and staff from the St. Louis Rams descended on a St. Louis school for autistic children to build a playground and do some additional work on the school building this Tuesday. Usually, players are on hand as well, but there's this whole lockout thing. Rehabbing linebacker Josh Hull, a seventh-round pick from Penn State last year, did join the efforts.

Jason Smith helping out high school rodeo team
Chad Ochocinco can play cowboy all he wants; Rams OT Jason Smith is the real thing. Smith, a former college rodeo cowboy, spent some of his lockout time working with a team of high school rodeo all stars. Smith played football and rode in the rodeo, only in Texas.

Eric Crouch trying out for UFL's Omaha Nighthawks
An interesting note with all the talk of converting Terrelle Pryor to wide receiver. The Rams drafted Heisman QB Eric Crouch from Nebraska to be a wide receiver in 2002. That didn't work out. Now, he's looking to get a shot in the UFL.

Terrelle Pryor to the CFL?
The Saskatchewan Roughriders have acquired the negotiating rights to Terrelle Pryor and have spoken to Pryor's lawyer about bringing the former Ohio State quarterback to the Canadian Football League. There were also whispers that he is considering applying for the NFL supplemental draft. Still no word on the other OSU players which would be of interest to the Rams.