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Blast from the Rams' past, John David Washington back to UFL

Remember the 2006 St. Louis Rams? Maybe just a little. Despite glaring inadequacies, it was the last time the Rams finished the season with a .500 mark. That team was also memorable because of a very direct link to Hollywood royalty as the team carried RB John David Washington, son of Oscar winner Denzel Washington, on their practice squad that season. Washington was signed as an undrafted free agent out of Morehouse in May 2006. 

The younger Washington left for NFL Europe in the spring of 2007. He re-upped for a second season with the Sacramento Mountain Lions in the UFL today. In between, he was a co-producer on "The Book of Eli," his father's 2010 film about a post-apocalyptic lone warrior. The film also featured Mila Kunis who was remembered for her kiss in another film out that year (grrr). 

Yeah, so that's it. Here's some past links from TST about Washington: