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Terrelle Pryor leaves Ohio State; other players to follow?

There's nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with NCAA football. Ok, maybe a few things, but that's not the point of this post. In a month of college football downers, news comes today that Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor has decided not to return to the Buckeyes or college football. It's a logical assumption that he has his sights set on the NFL, which he would enter via the supplemental draft. 

With Sam Bradford at the helm and a heaping helping of young players already filling the roster, the St. Louis Rams would have no interest in Pryor, as a QB or a project WR conversion. The question I have is whether or not Pryor's fellow Buckeyes, the ones facing a suspension, will follow him to the NFL. There's no indication yet that RB Dan Herron, WR Devier Posey and others will follow Pryor. 

But I'd keep my eye on the wires just in case. Herron would be of particular interest to the Rams. A senior, he could really shine this year after rushing for 1100+ yards and 16 TDs last year. He could also improve his draft stock for 2012, where many have him pegged as a pick on day two, even with a shortened senior season. If he does come out, he could be fetch a fourth or fifth-round pick in the supplemental draft. A powerful runner, Herron has the potential to be a full-time running back in the NFL. Given the Rams need at RB, I wouldn't bat an eye to go ahead and use one of those picks on him this year. 

Posey has talent himself, but the Rams don't really have the roster space to develop another wide receiver. They do need some experience on the roster this year.