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Plaxico Burress bound for situational role

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Attention pundits, armchair GMs, and others, if you're looking at Plaxico Burress as a potential difference maker on your team, real or imagined team, be prepared for disappointment. The talk now is that Plaxico was slowing down before he shot himself. 

One NFL talent evaluator told the NY Post that the former Giant works best as a situational guy at this stage in his career.

I think he's going to be valuable to a team that could use a situational guy, but I think his days of starting or being a No. 1 or No. 2 receiver at this point are behind him.

The same source continued, noting some info from scouts:

The scouts I'm talking to are saying he was losing his speed even before he got into the deal with the gun.

If I'm Burress or his agent, I'd start working out semi-publicly, if there really is anything left. He need to prove himself, and with the lockout in place he'll have to handle that himself at this point. Burress ought to find a team to workout with in these informal practices, if possible, start creating the impression that he can be a team player, easing the minds of coaches and GMs before the free agent frenzy starts. 

ESPN's Adam Schefter still puts the St. Louis Rams among the possible destinations for Burress. Given the team's other needs left to be filled via free agency, I'm not sure adding a situational WR is the best use of resources and roster spots.