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Random Ramsdom, 6/7: Post-Plaxico

What are the odds of the St. Louis Rams signing Plaxico Burress?
What are the odds of the St. Louis Rams signing Plaxico Burress?

It's getting hard to pull these things together. Meaningful NFL talk is drying up like my yard after two weeks without any rain. As happy as I am to see the yard die off to the point where I don't have to mow it, I hate not having football. Throw in the lockout and I may need counseling. Jumping into the St. Louis Rams and NFL chatter...

Plaxico's out, now what
As you may have heard, Plaxico Burress was released from prison yesterday, launching a full day of speculation as to where he'll end up in 2011. What the media forgot to tell you in the midst of all that hype is that with the lockout it's going to be a while before any team signs him or even shows interest. That didn't stop oddsmakers who made Philly the favorite. The Rams have the fourth highest odds.

Free agency free-for-all
Right now we're all hoping that the league can get a deal done in time to save the season. If that does happen, a whole lot of business is going to be compressed down into just a few weeks. Teams will have to deal with free agents, draft picks, undrafted rookies, cap casualties and more, perhaps with a shortened training camp. It's going to be interesting to say the least.

Lockout means Supp. prospects may not slip
Rob Rang says that the lockout may actually help players in the supplemental draft, if there is one. That would of course include the potential five players from Ohio State, headlined by Terrelle Pryor. It remains to be seen whether or not those guys will opt for the NFL (the supplemental draft is another hostage to the lockout). If they do, I'd like to see the Rams consider RB Dan Herron and maybe even WR Devier Posey.

NFL files motion to dismiss Brady case
The NFL filed a motion to dismiss the Brady antitrust case yesterday, as was expected. It's set for a hearing in September. With talks continuing, the hope is that never gets to that point.

Inside the playbook: Cover 7 breakdown
A good look at the Cover 7 defense, as used by Greg Williams of the Saints.

TST Off-Topic: June - Turf Show Times
Ram_rod has your place for non-NFL related talk. Lockout or not June's a slow month for football fans.