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We're forced to weigh-in on Plaxico Burress to the Rams talk

Sure, most of the day's excitement is out on the West Coast at the WWDC where Apple is rolling out all kinds of new goodies. In the NFL world, however, the day belongs to Plaxico Burress. Released from prison today, speculation about Burress' next team is burning up the wires. The St. Louis Rams had been mentioned as a possible destination, but the Philly talk heated up again today because...the guy wore a Philles hat. Yes, a baseball hat was more than enough to fuel the NFL media world, desperate for content as the lockout drags into a fourth month. 

Fueling the Plaxico talk today, none other than Rams DT Fred Robbins, also a member of the Giants when Plaxico shot himself in the leg. Robbins told SiriusXM radio today that he would love to have Burress in St. Louis

Chris Mortensen at ESPN reminder his Twitter followers about the Plax connection to former Giants DC Steve Spagnuolo. He also mentioned that McDaniels was the New England OC when Burress made his famous Super Bowl catch. McDaniels was also a grad assistant at Michigan State in 1999 when Burress was there

The biggest issue with Plaxico Burress is just how much he can contribute since he hasn't played a snap since November, 2008. Novermber, 2008. Let me say it again, November, 2008. 

If he has anything left to give it would be as a red zone threat or even on third downs. The Rams kind of have that guy in Austin Pettis, though it remains to be seen whether or not the Boise State product can produce like Burress did in the prime of his career. And can Pettis do that as a rookie? Don't forget, the Rams also have a shiny new pair of tight ends that will be expected to contribute in the red zone as well. 

At this point, it's hard to believe the Rams interest in Plaxico Burress is any more than any other team in the league, curious. Signing him, or any of the other oldsters out there wanting jobs, would further complicate the roster picture at WR. Assuming the Rams keep six, the WR corps would probably go (in no particular order): Avery, Amendola, Pettis, Salas, Burress...and Clayton?...Alexander?

Either way, for all the talk Burress is garnering today, like any other free agent, he can't do anything until the NFL lockout is over. Media abhors a vacuum.