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Random Ramsdom, 6/6: Plaxico Burress is free

A look at the St. Louis Rams and NFL headlines
A look at the St. Louis Rams and NFL headlines

It sure feels like the offseason, but with so much positive, Pollyanna talk about settlement lately, that offseason feeling could disappear at any given moment. Let's hope it does. The St. Louis Rams need free agency. You and I need free agency. The NFL needs free agency. 

On to the links.

Plaxico Burress will be in high demand
Plaxico Burress goes from locked in to locked out today. He gets out of jail and will be a free agent once the league resumes business. Plax's agent says he'll be a "top free agent." Hyperbole much?

Is Sam Bradford Playoff Ready?
Why do I get the feeling Sam Bradford would be just fine in the playoffs? His, and his teammates', inexperience showed in last year's prime time season finale in Seattle. I doubt the same mistakes would happen twice.

How the Eighth Circuit could issue a ruling neither side will like
Judge Kermit Bye strongly suggested that the NFL and players work something out before the court made a ruling, hinting that both sides would not like the court's action. What exactly does that mean? It could mean that the court could let the lockout stand while still leaving the NFL susceptible to antitrust violations and damages, which could be as much as the salaries for all players for 2011...times three.

Justin Blackmon NFL Draft prospect notes
A top wide receiver in the 2012 draft, the Oklahoma State product has more yards than a South County cul de sac. The question is whether or not his success in OSU's spread offense will translate. 

MLB Draft Day
In case you're a draft addict, someone who needs drafts mainlined into your system, the MLB draft is today, starts today. SBN has a site dedicated to the MLB draft for you to get your fix. Sure MLB players drafted today won't be in the league until you've long forgotten they were drafted, but a draft is a draft, damnit.