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NFL Lockout: Deal coming in the weeks ahead?

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A gaggle of well-paid lawyers clashed like big heavies in a St. Louis federal court room this week. However, the real action happened in Chicago, as TMZ-like reports of a secret owners meeting turned into full-fledged confirmation of actual talks between owners and players. Not even talks, settlement talks, a big difference than the kabuki that passed for mediation before that. Oh, and those $2,000/hour lawyers were not on hand for those meetings, which is why it should come as no surprise that reports of progress have turned into rumors of a solution.

Last night, Mike Freemen of tweeted some very, very good news.

Multiple sources continue to tell me a deal could be struck between owners and players before 8th circuit rules in July.

I'm a cynic by nature, especially when it comes to billion dollar businesses doing something right. But even a cosmos half-empty guy like me is a little giddy at the mere idea that a solution to the NFL Lockout might be a close at hand. It wasn't just Freeman either. The venerable Peter King picked up his tweet and seconded.

RT @realfreemancbs: Sources tell me a deal could be struck betw owners+players before 8th circuit rules." ... You're on to something, Mike.

I suppose we'll know much more in the coming weeks. For now, be cautiously optimistic.