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Reports of Rams interest in Burress coming from a likely source: Burress

Just in case you were wondering, the Plaxico Burress slash St. Louis Rams talk emanated from a source pretty close to the matter: Plaxico Burress, or at least someone in his camp. And we should also be clear that it was a one-sided deal. Burress said that he would not mind playing in St. Louis under head coach Steve Spagnuolo. Burress and his people said nothing about the Rams being interested. 

Nevertheless, don't expect the Plax talk to go away any time soon, at least not until the guy signs a deal somewhere and it's a matter of settled policy. 

Most of the Plax talk centered around the Eagles, making it sound as though his return to the NFC East was a foregone conclusion. That also came from Burress' camp. The reason for such talk, why to drum up interest. Enough interest, or at least the perception of it, and the better odds for an increased price tag. We're used to seeing the Rams used as a bargaining tool; Terrell Owens did it last year, if you recall. 

There was some additional speculation that Burress could start in St. Louis, which seems a little far-fetched at this point. The guy hasn't played football in quite some time, and the Rams are already jam packed with question marks and rookies at the position. 

Come on, Burress' camp, get a phony Facebook page