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4 UDFAs the Rams should target

Today I wanted to look at four guys I want the St. Louis Rams to target in UDFA.  This will be the most important thing for the Rams to do, along with every other team, as soon as the lockout is over.  I'm hoping these guys have continued to keep working out, both mentally and physically.  This will be the toughest year for UDFAs.

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LB Mark Herzlich

How the hell was this guy not drafted?  Yes, he might not be perfectly healthy, but if he gets healthy, he is a pro-bowl quality LB.  I don't think he will ever be the same physically, but I still think he will be a very solid NFL starting LB.  This is a rare case where a starter can be found in UDFA.

DT Ian Williams

Also coming off injury.  Would have probably been a 2nd to 3rd rounder if he wasn't injured.  He could be a great help to our run defense on first and second down.  He isn't much of a pass rusher though, but he could be a good role player.

RB Derrick Locke

Wasn't drafted due to his small frame ( 5' 8", 187 lbs), and he is injury prone.  When healthy, he can be a great, explosive playmaker.  Could be a good change of pace back for the Rams.

S Dunta Williams

Wasn't drafted because he had a broken leg that kept him for participating in the Senior Bowl and the NFL Combine.  He is a versatile S who can play both positions, good hitter, and has decent cover skills.  He reminds me a lot of a guy we have, Craig Dahl, but a bit quicker. 

What UDFAs do you guys like?