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Random Ramsdom, 6/3: Exciting edition

Taking a look at the day's St. Louis Rams news.
Taking a look at the day's St. Louis Rams news.

It's a court date. Of course, the real story now in the lockout fight are the settlement talks happening. Let's quickly round up what little headlines for the St. Louis Rams and the NFL there are to round up on this first Friday in June. 

Court date!
The NFL and the players square off via well-paid lawyers in court today, the appeal of Judge Nelson's decision to slap an injunction on the lockout. However, this happens on the heels of news that players and owners are meeting face-to-face, without the lawyers, for settlement talks. Those talks are now the main event in this fight, and the only bit of hope that there could be a 2011 football season.

Bucs owners realize NFL is competing with HDTV
One problem the NFL has and will continue to have is selling tickets at hundreds of dollars a pop when fans can have a better experience at home. Tampa Bay co-chairman Bryan Glazer acknowledged that fact yesterday, and revealed that the NFL is aware of the issue and taking steps to make the at-game experience better than unlimited what you can get elsewhere.

Advanced NFL Stats: Top Ten Most Exciting Games of 2010: Rams at Cardinals
Wow. Someone thinks the Rams season opener was one of the most exciting NFL games of the 2010 season. And it was pretty exciting, if not mostly disappointing. One of the more amazing things about this game: the Ram ran 23 plays on their last two drives late in the 4th quarter. 2012 NFL Mock Draft
The Rams pick two UNC players in the first two rounds of WF's 2012 NFL mock draft. OLB Zach Brown gets picked in the first and DT Tydreke Powell in the second.