Why the Rams Drafted a Million Pass Catchers

We all thought it as the draft continued. Most of us were happy with Quinn as a first round pick (I disagreed, but more on that later). I wasn't upset, but saw an opportunity to trade down. Another article, another day. Anyways, here's the deal after the jump.

The recent talks that vanram reported concerning Clayton and the Rams got me to thinking. Why the hell are we so interested in this guy?

I think I have found the answer. He was so good for Bradford, helping him with the speed and reads of the NFL from a receivers perspective. It's like what Faulk did for Warner. He needs an unselfish guy who can still produce. That is Clayton. However, the Rams hedged their bets this time. They want to make sure that Bradford always has someone to throw too.  Someone who will catch the ball, as opposed to having otherworldly physical skills.

Bradford needs guys that can catch his passes, even more than sjax needs a backup. The fact that they drafted WR's in rounds 2-4 should tell you  that. More receivers solves the problem that the lack of a backup RB leaves. If you have a stud RB who has a couple of years left, and a franchise QB, you make sure he has targets.

The Rams are protecting themselves from another round of WR injuries. As they should.The entire point of the draft was to get weapons for that guy you just paid a ton of money. He earned an offensive draft. Spags is a defensive guy. With Quinn/Long, and possibly Cofield, we're approaching Littlle/Wistrom.

My only wish is that the Rams go out and grab the best lb, on either side, in free agency. I believe everything else is in place.