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ESPN fantasy football rankings make Steven Jackson the top Rams player

Media companies must be pretty confident that they won't be paying out billions of dollars for the NFL to do nothing this season, since they keep rolling out fantasy football articles as though the lockout never started. ESPN rolled out its fantasy football rankings this week. The highest ranked member of the St. Louis Rams is none other than RB Steven Jackson.

Jackson is ranked 19th overall and 11th among all running backs. QB Sam Bradford is the second-highest ranked member of the team, at 99th overall and 14th among quarterbacks. Bradford is ranked above Cutler and Stafford, and topped by some pretty elite names. The thing to remember, what always gets me in fantasy football, is that at least one of those guys you're counting on as a top ten type player won't be. Whether that's because of injury, general shittiness around him or whatever, there's always a decent number of fantasy players who fall far from what the predictions say. 

Where did other players from the Rams land on the list?

K Josh Brown ranks 152nd overall, 3rd ranked kicker.

WR Danario Alexander is 196th overall and the 63rd receiver.

WR Danny Amendola is 200th overall and 64th among receivers.

WR Donnie Avery is 263rd overall and 87th among receivers.

WR Mark Clayton is 266th and 88th at his position.

TE Michael Hoomanawanui is 288th and the 31st ranked tight end.

TE Lance Kendricks is 294th and 32nd among TEs.

The Rams defense/special teams is 299th on the list of 300 and the 16th ranked defense. 

One of those receivers or tight ends is going to blow up the low expectations. It's just a matter of figuring out who.