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Random Ramsdom, 6/29: Another Lockout Wednesday

This has just been such a strange offseason.  No minicamp, FA, no rookie signings, and possibly late training camp?  But the football world has still managed to make some more neww for you all today.

Now for the links

Goodell and Smith meeting one on one's Alber Breer is reporting that the commissioner and the NFLPA's executive director are meeting in private to discuss the CBA.  Goodell is also going down to Florida with Smith to talk to rookies at the NFLPA run symposium, but that doesn't matter to us.  What matters is they are talking the CBA and with less people involved it makes it more likely to reach a good compromise.  Let's get a deal done men!

TO good for NFL?

Dan Wetzel from Yahoo! sports says yes.  I don't know if I agree, but no one can argue that people pay attention to the man.  From crying for Romo, being a team cancer, and doing situps in his driveway, the press always loves him and most of fans dislike him, but no one can seem to look away.

Rams a surprise team for 2011?

Vic Carucci from says the Rams and 4 others are poised for surprise seasons in 2011.  He mentioned Bradford being the main reason for it.   I still don't think it's a surprise season if everyone in the media is  saying that the Rams will be good next year.  Breakout would be a better term.

Channing Crowder didn't sell his jerseys at Florida

ESPN is reporting that Crowder has said he never sold jerseys while at Florida.  He was "hypotheticallly" saying that he did.  He seemed to be defending Terrelle Pryor's right to sell his own property.  A stunning statement!

Women arrested for alleged extortion against an NFL player

Titans WR Damian Williams was the target of a alleged extortion attempt.  I've never heard of this guy at all.  Nice way to get your name out for the first time.  He has allegedly assaulted the women, and she contacted him about a $5k payoff.  He contacted the police and made the transaction under their watch.  She got arrested for extortion and the case against him was dropped. Nice day for him.

 Have a good one and GO RAMS!!