Well, What About Tiki?

Around here, it seems as though if you are a Giant, or a former Giant, you are considered a likely candidate as a free agent pick up. That's ok, and gives us a lot to talk about. Hopefully sometime in the future, Spags will be known for what he's done for the Rams, rather than his relationship with previous Giants. All that said, I'd like to make a case for Tiki Barber.

What, you say? Sign a 37 year old to back up a younger guy? Perish the thought! Give me a moment, however. I just watched the Real Sports profile on Tiki. Highly recommended. Anyways, nowadays he looks a lot more like the lightning part of "thunder and lighting" than the thunder. And as we all know, SJAX is heading into his thunder days.

Watching some highlights, this guy is really quick (in his prime of course) and a great pass catcher. In fact, in the profile, he was working heavily on getting his hands back. He was running not RB routes, but receiver routes. And he looked good. He was killing himself in the weight room on the profile, and looked to be his playing weight.

There are a few reasons I am in favor of this, and none that would preclude him from being the back up/third down back, aside from those mentioned above.

He is a pillars guy, despite the fact that he left his wife (more on that later). I've never seen a Giants player speak ill of Tiki.

He has the genes to be able to back it up, as I believe Ronde (his twin brother) is still playing for the Bucs. Cornerback doesn't have as much contact as RB, but you have to be an elite athlete, and deliver hits.If Ronde can do it, Tiki can having saved 4 years of pounding.

His experience is well beyond any free agent we could sign (i.e. Sproles). This guy has been there, done that, and knows how to win. He is used to being part of a duo, so won't be upset about the lack of headlines. Better yet, he excelled in that situation.

I realize that any veteran signing is at best a stop gap until the Rams have the luxury to draft a back up running back, which I expect to be next year. Were Quinn not available, my guess is that they were going after Ingram.

However, Tiki is going to want to make a statement. He will accept the minimum in order to get on the field. He is exceptionally driven, it would appear. Maybe he can stick around and be a mentor of sorts. That he is bright, there can be no doubt. He might be Faulk bright. No, not as a player, but as an intelligent second QB on the field.

And his new wife would be a fantastic addition to the cut shots. Just sayin.


I welcome your replies, thanks for reading.