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Best win for the Rams in 2010

First off today I would like to introduce myself as the newest writer for TST. I will be dropping articles on Thursdays and Sundays for you all. Also I'll be doing some Random Ramsdom post. As for the topic today I wanted to provided a small preview of VanRam's and 3k's monster 2010 recap. I decided to write about which win was the best for the Rams last year. More after the Jump

To me the most important/ defining win of the year was week 16 vs. the 49ers. Our backs were against the wall. It was a must win and we delivered.

As for the game itself it was a close game which we actually finished off for once, unlike the Radiers and the Bucs. Sam Bradford did very well with 292 yds. passing and 1 TD. Also he spread the ball out well with at least 2 completions to 7 receivers. SJax didn't run well, only a 2 yd average, but we ran enough to have an effect. The D played solidly, which was helped out by Troy Smith's bad play that ended up being the last straw for the niners. Also the niners were finally done with Singletary and showed him the door as well. We held possession for 33 mins and won the turnover battle. Overall it was a pretty typical win for a NFL team, except for the opposing teams QB and coach were fired.

I state this as the best win is for two reasons. As mentioned before our backs were against the wall and we delivered, but more importantly it was the loudest the Dome was all year. I know this because I am a season ticket holder and I was one of the few people in my section trying to make some noise. At times I lead my section to make noise but it never sustained until the last home game. Needless to say when we started getting crazy loud, I felt proud that fans finally cared again. St. Louis came through for the team and we were a major factor in the game. The fans proved how much the Rams have improved over the previous three years. Having the Dome Field Advantage back will be a huge factor for the Rams in 2011.