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Random Ramsdom, 6/27: Mock lockout

St. Louis Rams news and headlines for Monday, June 27.
St. Louis Rams news and headlines for Monday, June 27.

Back to work! We're going to hit hard here at TST, giving you the lowdown on all things St. Louis Rams, NFL, etc. A quick programming note, our 2010 review starts today. Brace yourselves. We've locked 3k in the basement, given him a bottomless cup of coffee, enough cigarettes for a 30s movie star and made him watch every down from every Rams game in 2010. Should be a good time. 

And now some links...

Parties must reach resolution soon to preserve full preseason
The NFL and players will resume talks this week as they try to reach a deal before the preseason is affected. Training camp is scheduled to start three weeks from Friday for the St. Louis Rams and Chicago Bears.

Four scenarios for when the lockout is going to end
The secret nature of the NFL labor talks spawns a range of opinions about when the NFL will get back to business. Mike Freeman breaks down the likelihood of all four -- including the Whitey Bulger theory -- and concludes that a deal feels close.

The Seahawks' Playbook: Opening Drive in Week 17 Win Over St. Louis, Part II
Continuing their look at the Seahawks' opening drive against the Rams in week 17. There should be something familiar about this series, besides the trauma of losing. Seattle couldn't run the ball, so they used a combination of screens, bubble screens and swing passes. Sound familiar? It should because that's exactly how the Rams moved the ball down the field last year. One key difference: Seattle was willing to use those dink and dunks to set up a long Ruvell Martin.

Feeley plans to watch USA play
Rams backup QB A.J. Feeley will be traveling to Germany to watch his wife play soccer. Heather Mitts is a defender with the USA women's soccer team.

North Alabama gets NFS' top-rated CB in transfer
Kicked out of Florida, CB Janoris Jenkins transferred to North Alabama for the coming season. Jenkins is considered by many to be the top corner in the 2012 NFL draft. 2012 NFL Mock Draft
Speaking of the 2012 NFL Draft, this mock has Jenkins' drafted at 16th overall, by the Lions. The Rams, somehow picking at #18 despite winning the NFC West go with Alabama RB Trent Richardson, a year after giving Alabama's Mark Ingram serious consideration with their first round pick.