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Robert Quinn named in UNC report of parking violations

Current and former University of North Carolina football players are in the headlines again, including St. Louis Rams first-round pick DE Robert Quinn. Documents related to the NCAA probe of the program revealed some embarassing details about more than 300 unpaid parking tickets, totaling more than $13,000 in fines, accumulated by UNC football players. Of course, the parking tickets might not be half the trouble given the sheer amount of cars players were driving, including a Land Rover, Acura and a BMW. 

Quinn, according to the report, had 53 unpaid tickets on two cars, a blue Dodge and a red Ford. Make and model information was not included in media reports. That was nothing compared to receiver Greg Little, who received 93 tickets on a Dodge, BMW, Acura and a Honda...with dealer plates

Earlier in the week, UNC received a notice of allegations from the NCAA of "potential major violations," including monitoring player conduct. The parking violations, specifically that players received extra benefits in the form of parking expenses, are part of those allegations and the investigation. More on that here

Quinn, who missed his senior year under suspension, is unlikely to be affected by the report, other than to have his named mentioned again in conjunction with an NCAA investigation. 

Feel free to weigh-in with your thoughts on the NCAA below. I know it's a topic capable of eliciting, um, passions.