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St. Louis Rams defensive line working out in Florida

Sam Bradford and his receivers are not the only members of the St. Louis Rams gathering for informal practices during the lockout. Rams DE George Selvie told Turf Show Times via Twitter that he and his defensive linemates are getting together in Florida for a series of workouts as a group. 

Selvie and Fred Robbins are both from Florida, Pensacola, "pcola," to be exact. Selvie told us that the entire defensive line was there working out in the Florida heat. He also told us that there were no popsicles following the workout, something that they could have used as a break from said Florida heat. 

It was good to hear reports of the defensive line working out together. Even without pads and live fire drills they can still work on the playbook, technique and, most of all, the unit cohesion that made them so effective in getting 45 sacks and umpteen pressures on opposing quarterbacks last year.