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The Turf Show Times map, 2011 edition

  For the last two years, I've offered up the TST map for the community to give us an idea of the reach of both TST and the Rams.  It's that time again:

  Since it's a Google map, the list of placemarks is available at the map website.  Just open that link, and search for your name (ctrl+F or ⌘+F, I think, for Appleheads).  If you aren't on it or you need to change your info, just comment with your zip code.

  Of course, the intent is that we'll be able to organize some events this season for LA, NoCal, D.C., Florida, and of course St. Louis.  We might have to have one for our UK-based people too, although with Sky Sports' recent hires, you may want to let the rookie studio guys get their feet wet for a couple weeks.

  So toss your name on the map if you haven't done so already, and if your placemark isn't where it should be, let me know.  I'll get this up around training camp/pre-season time to make sure we get as many TSTers as possible on the map.