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Rams defensive line working out this week?

Fans are (mostly) feeling pretty optimistic about the impending return of the NFL from 40 days in the Sinai. Now, there is a little buzz that players might be getting ready to return to work soon. Over the last 24 hours, players from the St. Louis Rams have mentioned via Twitter a return to St. Louis. 

Wide receivers Laurent Robinson and Danario Alexander both mentioned today that they were in or on their way back to St. Louis. Several Rams players stayed in St. Louis during the lockout. More than likely, it means absolutely nothing. There just aren't that many players talking about heading to "The Lou" right now. However, you do wonder about plans to restart the offseason. Ideally, the next round of player-led workouts would coincide with the potential start date for the NFL to resume business. 

Speaking of workouts, Rams DE George Selvie mentioned on Twitter that the Rams defensive line was working out today. Whether or not that's the entire unit or just a handful of players in and around the St. Louis area remains to be seen. Or they could be in another site, a la the Arizona workouts earlier this month. The defensive line did not participate in two sessions of player organized workouts, which were mostly focused on installing the offensive playbook. 

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