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Rams will wear throwback jerseys against the Saints in week seven

The St. Louis Rams will don their 1999 throwback jerseys for their week 7 game against the New Orleans Saints. Throwbacks have a been a point of pride for Rams fans, and until last year the only reminder than the team actually did used to win games. 

Hats off the franchise too. Not only did they commit to the always popular throwback jerseys again this year, they let the fans pick the game. Over the course of a week or so, the team asked fans to vote via Twitter. One lucky fan won tickets, a jersey and the chance to lead the team onto the field that week. 

Fans at TST also picked the New Orleans game to feature throwbacks by a mere three percent margin. 

The Rams beat the Carolina Panthers last year in their only game featuring the throwbacks. The wore them twice in 2009, against  the Vikings and Texans, but you don't need me to remind you about how those games turned out. 

Beating NO is kind of the Holy Grail for this team. They damn near shocked the world against the eventual Super Bowl champs in 2009, but lost by a wide margin last year. I think the throwback unis ought to do just the thing this time around...that and, you know, Sam Bradford and a vicious defense. 

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