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Random Ramsdom, 6/23: Pass distribution

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How exactly did the St. Louis Rams distribute their passes? The answer will not surprise you.
How exactly did the St. Louis Rams distribute their passes? The answer will not surprise you.

For the NFL dry season, there are actually a ton of headlines to feast upon this morning. None of them are Pulitzer-type stuff, but interesting reads nonetheless, with some good insight into how players from the St. Louis Rams are spending their lockout time. On to the meat and potatoes. 

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Pass Distribution Comparison - Rookies vs. Veterans
Where did Sam Bradford throw most of his passes? To whom did he throw most of his passes? The answers will not surprise you. Pro Football Focus breaks down the pass distribution of rookie QBs compared to veterans. The most notable thing to me about Bradford's pass distribution isn't the percentage of throws between the line and 9 yards, that actually sits close to others. The lack of throws at 20+ yards, just 8 percent, is what's so surprising. The only other rookie on the list with a distribution of 20+ yard passes: Keith Null. Hmm, that seems to statistically correlate with the notion that Spagnuolo and Shurmur ran a conservative offense. Why though? That's the biggest question. In 2009, the Rams had nothing to lose by slinging the ball downfield.

Sam Bradford is training with EVERY pro football player from Oklahoma
I almost wonder if all around super guy Sam Bradford isn't lobbying for a seat on the Oklahoma alumni association board. He' s working with almost every single football player from the state, including CFL WR Romby Bryant. Joking aside, it's always good to hear that Bradford is keeping football as priority #1 during the lockout and earning his chops as a leader too.

Inside the Rams Rise up ESPN's Ultimate Franchise Rankings (Part 3)
Rams Herd continues its look at the Rams dramatic climb up the ultimate franchise rankings. Part 3 deals largely with the face of the franchise, something the Rams finally possess.

World's richest show growing appetite for life's luxuries
The purchase of the St. Louis Rams ranks as the most notable sports investment of 2010, according to a report from Merrill Lynch. See, it was a notable year after all for the Rams! Why were we not mentioned in Colbert Platinum?

Faulk continues to revel in Hall of Fame admittance
Marshall Faulk is pretty excited about being inducted into the Hall of Fame. How excited is he?

Danny Amendola frustrated by lockout, working with all kinds of QBs
Former Texas Tech WR and the scrappiest of all St. Louis Rams, Danny Amendola, finds the lockout frustrating, from the lost pay to the lack of time watching film with coaches. He has been working out, with Sam Bradford and whatever other quarterback he can find.

Minnesota Vikings' Adrian Peterson sorry for missing youth camp - ESPN
Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson may not be attending his own youth football camp, but he has some quality fill-ins taking his place. Among those on hand will be St. Louis Rams WR Mark Clayton, AP's former teammate at OU.