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St. Louis Rams COO Kevin Demoff joins owner Stan Kroenke in Chicago

NFL teams are going into the owners meetings today by twos. Owners, per league instructions, are bringing a key management person with them to the meetings in Chicago today. St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke brought the team's Chief Operations Officer Kevin Demoff rather than Billy Devaney, the general manager. That decision, and others being made by teams, is a key tell as to what is on the meeting agenda this week.

If players and owners work out a deal, league business will get underway with a frenetic pace. Months of league business including free agency, signing draft picks, and all of the other things that get taken care of between February and August will have to happen within a span of approximately two weeks. 

Owners are bringing key management personnel in order for the league to hash out a plan for how all business will take place once the league year finally opens. Hence the Rams' and Kroenke's decision to bring Demoff, the man who actually deals with the contracts and budgets, rather than the GM.