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The secret to NFL success: deer antler velvet

Ah the lockout, when the biggest St. Louis Rams news of the day involves a court settlement between LB David Vobora and the supplement company, S.W.A.T.S., that sold him a phony bill of goods. Vobora won a $5.4 million settlement against the company. That supplement caused Vobora to test positive for a banned substance which led to a four-game suspension in 2009. While the courts have cleared Vobora's name, the NFL has not. 

Despite some lip service praising Vobora's action to take on the supplement company, the NFL will not revisit his status as an offender of the league's banned substance policy. Forever tainted in the eyes of the league, the policy makes no exception for companies that commit fraud, even though Vobora took all the appropriate measures by contacting the league's supplement hotline, etc. 

Speaking of bogus supplement, perhaps a more thorough ingredient list might have prevented this whole thing in the first place. Apparently, the supplement in question, The Ultimate Spray, contains a little miracle ingredient: deer antler velvet. 

Deer antler velvet. Everybody knows that only supplements with body parts taken from endangered species are the only ones that work...come on.