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Danario Alexader joins Jeremey Maclin for workouts

St. Louis Rams WR Danario Alexander joined his former Missouri teammate Jeremy Maclin at a sparsely populated informal workout of Philadelphia Eagles players today. Mike Kafka and Maclin got together to work on passes, routes, etc. today, the only two Eagles players on hand for the workouts. Maclin brought DX and two others to join in the fun.

The other two players with Maclin were WR Marcus Harris, from Murray State, and CB Kevin Rutland, from Mizzou. Both of those guys are undrafted free agents.

It's good news to hear DX is working out during the lockout imposed down time. Last week, during the Rams informal workouts led by Sam Bradford, DX was the subject of much discussion. Bradford spoke highly of how well he performed in those workouts. 

Watching him go through wide receiver drills and just getting off the line, he looks much quicker, looks much faster, much more explosive than he did in the (2010) season.

That was followed by some concerns expressed on the radio by Tony Softli, former Rams VP of Player Personnel from 2006-2008, that DX was "dragging" his oft-injured knee and questioned whether or not DX had been lifting weights during the offseason. Speculation. DX said this about his offseason in that same Post-Dispatch article:

I've been working out and training throughout this whole offseason to be a hundred percent for the season. It's a lot better than it was during the season. Everything's coming back like it's supposed to.

I guess time will tell. But it certainly sounds like DX has been putting in the reps during the offseason.