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Turf Show Radio open thread


  It's going down.  I should have thrown this up earlier, but it's been a minute.  I admit, I have not been going through offseason Turf Show Radio activities to stay fresh.  But we've got Turf Show Radio comin up in just a minute.

  Van and I will go through the news of the month/week to catch up on everything that's gone down since the post-draft episode of Turf Show Radio.  We'll talk free agency and minicamp, and who knows what else.

  If you have something better to discuss, and believe me you do, just dial (724) 444-7444 and enter the show ID followed by the pound symbol (97249#).  If you're not a TalkShoe member, hit 1#, and we'll get you on the air.

  You can always follow the show here and offer any comments or questions, and we'll try to get those into the mix during the show.  Holler at us.