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Help the Rams pick a game for throwback jerseys

After getting called out for social media efforts reminiscent of the Jay Zygmunt era of half-assed management, the St. Louis Rams are working hard to earn their web 2.0 cred. They've turned to fans to help pick a date to wear their 1999 throwback jerseys. All joking aside, it's a pretty solid effort to connect with their hardcore fans, and since there's not a bigger place on the web for hardcore Rams fans, let's throw it open to the TST community to see which game deserves the throwback unis.

First a little background. The Rams have worn the throwback uniforms three times in the last two seasons. They have a 1-2 record when hearkening back to history. Since they lost all but one game in 2009, and that win was on the road against Detroit, their record in that fateful season's two throwback games should be obvious. They lost to the Vikings 10-38 in week five. Their second '09 throwback game was a little better, losing to the Texans in week thirteen by a final score of 13-16.

Last year, they only wore the throwback jerseys once, against Carolina. That was a week eight win, 20-10, though that game was a little closer than it probably should have been. The Rams gained only 246 yards.

But this is a better Rams team, one that actually should help fans redefine the team for a new era, rather than cling desperately to winning days. Which makes the whole idea of throwback unis a little ironic, I suppose.

Anyway, fans are being asked to pick between three games: Week 3 against Baltimore, Week 4 against Washington, and Week 7 against New Orleans.

Hmm, it's a tough choice for me. Beating Washington has been a lone high point for the Rams in recent years, good for a win in 2008 and their first win of the season last year. After almost beating the Saints in a 2009 shocker and then getting creamed in the Big Easy last year, that might be a nice way to finally beat them. Ultimately, I'm leaning toward Baltimore. I think that's a game the Rams can win this season, an early victory against a more formidable opponent that will lend Spagnuolo and Bradford a heaping helping of credibility going forward.

Vote in our poll and then drop the Rams a line via Twitter with your pick @StLouisRams, use the hash tag #RamsThrowback.

And while you're on Twitter, be sure to follow TST. We'll be taking questions via Twitter for Turf Show Radio today, and it's a good way to get a little extra Rams fix, @TurfShowTimes.