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Robert Quinn will sit on running downs

The St. Louis Rams do not plan to expose their first-round draft pick, North Carolina DE Robert Quinn, to running downs in his first season in the NFL. Instead, the natural pass rusher will work as the right end on passing downs. Quinn should still see plenty of NFL action in his rookie year if that plan holds, according to a team source cited in this Pro Football Weekly report. 

TST has been told previously that Quinn would play on third downs, which should really go without saying. Spagnuolo's system is known for using three and four defensive ends along the front line to create pressure. Having Quinn in a Rams uniform gives them some additional bona fide pass rushing talent to do that with. 

I'll be interested to see if that lasts all season. The Rams could use some speed on the outside to shut down those outside lanes. Quinn's speed should definitely help against options and rollouts where opposing QBs would often hit a slot receiver or another eligible receiver on short passes. 

Sliding inside on some of those passing downs will be James Hall, who was known to slide inside next to Fred Robbins last season, with George Selvie or C.J. Ah You lining up at the right end spot. 

It could be a deadly combination for opposing quarterbacks. 

Speaking of James Hall, the same PFW report notes that he will be something of a guru for Quinn. His influence has been positive for Chris Long and other other Rams defensive linemen.