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Random Ramsdom, 6/16: Blow up!

A look at the day's top NFL and St. Louis Rams news
A look at the day's top NFL and St. Louis Rams news

Summer plods along. Here are the latest St. Louis Rams and NFL headlines to help start your right. A programming note, I talked for awhile with Rams LB Larry Grant yesterday. It was a great interview that I think you'll enjoy reading. I'm in the process of transcribing it now, and we'll start running it on the site this week. Now the links...

NFL-player talks moving forward; more meetings planned
The NFL and players wrapped two days of talks in Maryland, and plan to meet again in the next week. According to Albert Breer, progress continues in the talks, but there are no indications of when the two sides might reach a deal. Obviously, they would like to have it done sooner rather than later before it puts training camp time at risk. The thinking now is that a deal by July 4 would allow training camp to forward without delay.

Lockout: Talks 'almost blew up' Tuesday, source says
All that optimism about the progress of talks these last few days may have been a bit premature. According to Adam Schefter, bringing the lawyers back in the room led to some of those bad vibes came out again. DeMaurice Smith, it's said, put the lawyers in their place, telling them to "stand down." It's a good reminder that there is no agreement until there's actually an agreement. news: San Diego court case tests legality of NFL's fan conduct code
A San Diego attorney is fighting for your right to flip off the refs, swear at players and spill beer on the polite young family sitting next to you. The NFL's fan code of conduct, which helps make sure you don't throw away $500 to take your family to a game only to have it ruined by a shirtless rube 12 beers into his afternoon, allows for obnoxious fans to be ejected for obscene gestures and foul language. This lawyer is suing the NFL over the policy...because there aren't already enough things to sue people for.

Mike Mayock weighs in on Terrelle Pryor
NFL Network's Mike Mayock, draft analyst of all draft analysts, weighed in on supplemental draft candidate Terrelle Pryor. He called Pryor a fourth round pick, and said he'd be best in special packages as a developing rookie. The Rams are, obviously, out of the mix, but it will be interesting to see who does take a chance on Pryor in the supplemental draft.

Depressed real estate market hits Josh McDaniels
The housing bubble strikes again. Denver was one of those American cities that was dramatically overbuilt during the housing boom of the last decade. Rams offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is feeling the effects, listing his Denver area McMansion for $2.2 million after having paid almost $2.5 million in 2009.

101 ESPN/St. Louis Renews Deal With Rams
The Rams and ESPN 101 have renewed a deal to broadcast the team's games on the radio. It's a five-year deal, with three years guaranteed and two mutual option years. No word if the contract stipulates anything about giving coaches and suits from the Zygmunt front office jobs.