The weekend was a great one. Got the chance to hang with the a bunch of the boys at the pool over weekend. I live in Phoenix , Az and over the last week a group of the Rams players took an extra step on sharpening up their game with practice at a local high school here in Scottsdale. Got a call from a good friend that the rams were enjoying the fruits of Scottsdale at the pool and I beelined it there. Got a chance to talk to Jame Laurinaitis about the D for the hopefully next season coming up. The word he used was "reinsurgence" when he described the D for next year. One thing I can say is he is one badass.The offseason sure looked like it was treating the boys well, they all looked cut up and ready for battle on the field. Another guy I was able to shoot the shit with was Danny Amendola. He is a very down to earth guy and was really easy to talk with. Danny said practice had gone great over the last few days and all the guys bust their asses. David Vobora and Bradford were also hanging out. What a day for a Hardcore Ram's fan in Phoenix to get a chance hang with the gang in my hometown. Looking forward to the guys being unleashed this season. Let's go Rams!