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Terrelle Pryor heading to the NFL; Other four suspended Buckeyes sticking it out

Former Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor and his newly hired agent Drew Rosenhaus must feel pretty good about the progress of the NFL labor talks too. Today, in a press conference unusually thick with hyperbole Pryor and his agent made it official that he will apply for the NFL supplemental draft, an event more certain to happen now that players and owners are making progress.

Of course this means nothing to the St. Louis Rams, who seem to be pretty well set at the quarterback position. Even if Pryor converts to a wide receiver, the Rams already have plenty of young players they are coaching to reach their ceiling. Adding a developmental project to list of projects would hardly be productive. 

In the editorial offices here at TST (i.e. the least moldy corner of my garage) we've been curious as to whether or not the other four OSU players suspended along with Pryor would be heading to the NFL. They are not. And that's probably just as well, for their sake. RB Dan "Boom" Herron would have been of interest to the Rams in the supplemental draft, since the team has yet to address the need for a backup running back, which now might have morphed into the need for a replacement to groom behind Steven Jackson. Maybe next year. 

The "Buckeye Five" aside, hope on the NFL labor front means undrafted rookie free agents will finally get their shot. That group includes a number of running backs. That list includes former Buckeye RB Brandon Saine, who looks like a legitimate NFL third down back. Stay tuned, though, we'll have much more to say about undrafted free agents soon enough.